Listening Questionnaire

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When communicating with people face to face, in real life, how would you define listening?

Are you a good listener IRL?

Why/why not?

How would you define listening on the internet?

Are you a good listener on the internet?

Why/why not?

Other comments?

Personal information ... it's helpful when trying to understand people's different answers, but if you don't want to answer anything, just skip it.


Sex: Male; Female

In school: No; High School; College

Finished: High School (GED counts); Associate's; Bachelor's; Master's; More; Less

Computer literacy:
just enough to get here

Yes and happy
No and happy
Yes and unhappy
No and unhappy
Blue Collar; White Collar; Other

Other comments?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete and send this questionnaire. As I get input, I'll begin posting information. Watch my Listening Homepage for a link to "questionnaire results."
created Feb. 18
by Liz Lavallee © 1996