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To understand someone, to know someone, is to know their groups.

University of Oklahoma Professor

Most people's primary group is their family. I was born in DC and grew up in Alexandria, VA. Since leaving home while a teenager, I've moved a lot, but always within Virginia, and I now live in Prince William County. I met my second husband, Bear Lavallee, in 1985. We enjoyed 13 wonderful years together before he died.

After finally adjusting to being a widow, I was reunited with my first boyfriend in June 2000. Donnie and I married Jan. 20, 2001. We had too few years; he was interred March 30, 2010, at Stonewall Memory Gardens. After his funeral service, I couldn't sleep, so I created

Donnie & I shared our home with a plethera of cats. For longer than Donnie & I shared a home, BBC was a part of the household. He turned 20 on April 25, 2013, but by May 23 he was gone. Shadow died February 1, 2015. Still with me are Wolfgang (11), my little hedonist, and Shadow and Spirit's kittens: Cordell, Sydney, Jesse, and GiGi (in the picture, GiGi is to the left; dad Spirit is at right). The "kittens" turned 10 on March 17. Donnie rescued Stella Stonewall from a cinderblock wall on April 3, 2008, which we designated as her birthday. And Stranger, who I guess was about 2 when he showed up at the back door in late February 2010, came in from the cold by that December and has settled in amongst the clan.

The others are mostly Mina's, an abandoned pet who changed our life in December 2003 when she had a litter in the back yard. Her clan lives with me now. They're my pets, even though they're not pettable:

Other groups:

to name just a few.


Not any more! I retired from the Federal Government at the beginning of December 2012, from my job as an editor with the NASA Office of Inspector General. I am a member of the International Listening Association and the U.S. Navy's Public Affairs Alumni Association and a former member of the National Communication Association and the National Association of Government Communicators.

High School:
T.C. Williams in Alexandria, VA, class of 1976

Associate of Arts (Liberal Arts) from Northern Virginia Community College
1984, Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from University College, University of Maryland
1992, Summa Cum Laude

Master of Arts (Communication) from University of Oklahoma

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