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All About Me

I'm Bear. Biker. Born in Fall River, Massachusetts 12 August 1948. Spoke French only until 5 years old. 5'10" tall. Weigh 230 lbs. Mostly muscle. Fought full-contact karate in the "old" motoburyu okinawan style (now seidokan). Climbed a mountain. Been riding scoots for 30 plus years. Current scoot - Black 1984 Wide-Glide Shovel. Over a 100,000 miles on her. Like I said, I RIDE. Getting a second one - Dresser. Known to do the mechanical work too (engine & tranny rebuild). Tattooed. Tattooing ensures societal bonding, enhances group cohesion, and serves as a form of ritualistic mutilation (so there). Life member National Rifle Association. Former NRA rifle, shotgun, and pistol instructor. Like knives and swords too. Like scotch, wine, beer, and most other booze so long as it has alcohol in it. Like a variety of music but what they currently call "Celtic" is my favorite. Played chess and the flute. Like to read. Study the Arcane Arts and dabble in Philosophy. I Top. Always. I am a Gourmet Chef. I was Goth before the term was coined.

Served 12 1/2 years Captain, U.S. Air Force, four years Nuclear Launch Officer ICBM team Alternate Command Post Combat Crew Commander. And some other stuff (don't ask)! Was a federal officer eight years and currently am a senior operations accountant.

Education: 11/2 years undergraduate electrical engineering; Bachelor of Arts English U Mass 1971; MBA U Wyoming 1975. By most people's standards I'm considered smart. Very!

Health-wise I'm kinda shot! Suffered 3 life-threatening medical conditions and survived: diphtheria at 2, a ruptured appendix w/peritonitis at 21, and a massive heart attack w/moderately extensive heart muscle tissue damage at 35. More broken bones than I care to remember. Weight is a constant battle. Ruptured disk in the small of my back. No more 13 mile runs and competitive body-building is a thing of the past. Not an invalid. Just can't play around anymore. Serious. Painful. Fast. Period.

Married three times. My current wife, Liz, is the last (12 plus years now). What a Babe! She makes me happy!! She is my missing rib and I often tell people she is my clone (because she is)! We think identical thoughts all the time (not just some of the time). It would be scary except that I am Narcissistic and having her around is like looking in a mirror all day. Perfect. We share our Woodbridge, Virginia home with four wonderful cats (and three cat litter boxes). My leisure time is divided among all the above pursuits as well as Leather Working ( Whatever I Feel Like, Custom Leather Creations by Bear), Chain Mail construction, and the White Company of the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia where I serve as sergeant, longbow archer, and company executioner. All I need I already have - my Harley and my Ol' Lady! Everything else is gravy!! Life is good!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

Addendum, 2/12/00: Bear died of a heart attack in his sleep at midnight, Memorial Day 1998 (May 25/26). Until IllumiNet went away (the server where his site had been), I kept it there as he had posted it. For the most part, it is now recreated as it was. It gives me comfort to find him in cyberspace, unchanged. I hope it doesn't weird you out too much.
- the widow Lavallee