Laughter is the best medicine.

a wise saying from way back

One of the web sites I found early on had a cartoon of the day that came up pretty quick, and I've kept coming back daily for more than a couple of years now. Check out Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen and see what you think. I recently found two online kitty cartoons you might enjoy too: Kit 'n' Carlyle and Cats with Hands. Also, my latest favorite, Lio's cat Cybil. Another strip I enjoy is The Barn. And every worker's friend, Dilbert.

More comics, and merchandise, can be checked out at a syndication's Web site, like King Features and Mother Goose & Grimm, by Mike Peters, has its own site. So does Dave Coverly's Speedbump.

I discovered UExpress (later UComics and now GoComics) when they set up a Web site to re-release the original Calvin and Hobbes to commemorate the strip's 11th anniversary. Since then, I discovered they have the Fusco Brothers, which The Washington Post dropped. The Web also gives me a daily fix of Sherman's Lagoon, which the Post has only on Sundays, and the Sunday Close to Home, which the Post doesn't have on Sundays. I used to love the Post's comic selection - now I get everything I want off the Web, including In the Bleachers, which the Potomac News carried sporadically. And two that I couldn't do without when I cancelled my subscription to the Potomac News were Rose is Rose and Overboard. You may need to join (for free) and GoComics, but then you'll have access to all of their comics, including Brewster Rockit. Some newspapers have a good online collection - like Milwaukee's Journal Sentinal, where you can find another favorite of mine: Rhymes with Orange. Two more favorites are in the Washington Post's Express: Pearls Before Swine and Pooch Cafe.

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